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Uploaded vocabulary

I might spell this entire post incorrectly because my eyes are crossed from doing these vocabulary words and uploading them! 🙂

All of the units (1-6) vocabulary word cards have been uploaded for Reading Street. Whew….

Somebody has already suggested I do a cloze vocabulary activity for each week-if you have any other things that you want me to do (try) just leave me a comment!, e

This is what’s in the works for the near future: powerpoints for each week (more like a teacher guide to keep you on task) 🙂 and a week at a glance sheet for you to be able to see the STUFF that you need to cover, etc.

I hope everyone is able to use some of this stuff! 🙂


Coming Soon to a Post Near You: Vocabulary Cards

My next project for the Scott Foresman Reading Street Resources for 6th grade will be Vocabulary Cards for all of the vocab. words in each story. Keep checking back often-they will probably be finished and uploaded about this time next week. I’m really being optimistic here! 🙂

On a sidenote, I have a teacher who can’t seem to open the trifold discussion documents sooooo…… I also have plans to convert these to pdf documents so that nobody will have any problems. And I’m being REALLY OPTIMISTIC-they might be done about this time next week, too!!!

I’m about to head to the AEA Leadership Conference (and board meeting) down in Mobile, AL (LOVE LOVE LOVE Mobile) for the remainder of the week so I don’t think I’ll get much done until afterwards.

I’ll still be posting my book a day challenges (thinking about loading up some picture books to take with me AND I just downloaded 3 books to my kindle!!! ) so “HAPPY READING”! 🙂

Vocabulary Word Wall

A few months into this school year I talked with a 4th grade teacher in my school district about the different things she was doing in her classroom with the Scott Foresman Reading Street program that we are in the 3rd year of using. One of the things that I “borrowed” from her is an idea on how to emphasize the vocabulary for each story. There are usually about 4-7 vocabulary words with each story. After introducing them at the beginning of the unit(story) I write them on sentence strips and give 1-2 words to each group. They have to discuss the meaning of the word, make a sentence with the word, and state what part of speech the word belongs to. We then share as a whole class. NOTE: I always make them use a sentence that would help the reader/listener know the meaning of the word (I encourage complex sentences). 🙂 We then put the word cards on our “Parts of Speech” word wall. Here are a couple of pictures of what our word wall looks like this year.