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I found this link on Brooke Curley’s website. It has a quick reference guide to using Pearson Success on the internet.

  1. Shannon,
    How do you prepare your students for RS selection tests? It seems that no matter what we do, students struggle with the type of questions or simply the way the are worded. Do you have any ideas, suggestions or things you have used in the past?

    • I wish I had the answer! Our kids STRUGGLE, too! Last year was my 1st year in 6th grade and I actually made them a study guide that had the exact test questions/answer choices on it. I gave it out at the beginning of the week and they had to do it for homework a couple of nights. Then we would go over it in class and discuss why it was a certain answer, etc. So they actually had the test itself by Thursday and just had to essentially memorize it-some of them still made a C or D on it on Friday. Some of the other teachers (3rd, 4th) modify the test so that there are only 3 answer choices instead of 4. I think I have heard that the tests are meant to be open book tests. Of course, I’ve also heard that one group of people created the reading program while another group of people designed the tests! 🙂

      I am just now starting RS as of this week (9th week in school), because I spent the 1st 8 weeks teaching the comprehension strategies with short, easier text. I am only going to use a Scott Foresman story about once each 6 weeks, and I will stretch it out to 2 weeks. I don’t really have a specific plan in mind, but I do know that the tests will be open book. Once I figure out my plan I will write a post about it. I know that they tests are meant to test higher level thinking, but some of the questions are just plain tricky!!! 🙂

  2. I was told that the RS Selction Tests are to be used on the thirds day as a reteaching tool. Collect the data from the student responses then reteach from that. I was also told to use the Fresh Read stories (at their level) for the Comprehension piece. The Selection Tests are to be open book.
    I am still at a loss for time and what SHOULD be covered ALL the time. This is my first year in 6th grade.
    I teach Social Studies and Reading, and there is NOT enough time in the day! Any thing you have that can help, I would appreciate it!

    • Nicole-

      This is only my 2nd year with Reading Street in 6th grade so I feel your pain!!! I tried to follow it last year closely (well, a little closely) but this year I really changed up what I was doing. I can see how using the selection test as a reteaching tool would be a great thing-the only problem is that if you read the story on Monday and Tuesday to take the test on Wednesday there is not much time left over for all the other things to do on Monday and Tuesday. But the reteaching strategy sounds like a great plan. I agree also with using the fresh reads as a TRUE comprehension assessment (instead of parents saying that their kids are doing so good at reading when they have taken a test on a story that was practically memorized!).

      The 1st 6 weeks (or a little more) I mainly just taught the comprehension strategies to my 6th graders. I just began Reading Street 2 weeks ago with “Old Yeller” and I actually stretched it out for 2 weeks so that our whole day was not spent in whole group.

      So here is what my normal day consisted of once I began Reading Street. I teach 2 classes of 6th graders-reading, english, spelling, writing and have each class for about 2hours 15 minutes (don’t forget about bathroom breaks!). 🙂

      English-We would spend about 6 or 7 minutes on labeling a sentence-parts of speech, subject, predicate, prepositional phrases
      Word study-some words would be spelling pattern and some would be vocabulary-we would spend about 6-8 minutes talking about the words, sorting, etc.

      Read aloud-15-20 minutes-This is a chapter book that I read aloud from each day. We make predictions, talk to partners, just think out loud about the book.

      Reading whole group-20 or so minutes- Day 1-preview vocabulary for that day-I read aloud to them and they followed along. I gave them a study guide sheet that we went over as we read.
      Day 2-6-Same thing
      Day 7-We did sort of a scavenger hunt game where I looked at the selection test questions and had them find the part in the story that …..we found out that Little Arliss and Travis had something in common,etc. This was to review for the test AND to get them used to finding proof in the text for things. Then we took the test online.

      Writing-This is still the area that sometimes gets left out because we place so much emphasis on reading. My writing this year has mainly consisted of writing summaries, compare and contrast essay, reading response letters.

      Independent reading time-This is what we do for the rest of the class period. I have begun having individual reading conferences with the students about the books they are reading.

      I hope this helps you a little bit-I do not follow Reading Street like I am supposed to. If I did I probably wouldn’t have time for anything except the story each day with all of the STUFF that goes with it. It is very overwhelming! 🙂

  3. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!!! Blog 🙂
    Thank you so much!!
    question: Do you have lesson plan templates?? I can’t seem to get the “weekly plan” lesson plans printed off of the website. I need the 5 days on one page. Any ideas??
    Thanks so much.

    • Myla-

      I do not have lesson plans for Scott Foresman because I have changed so much-AND because our lesson plans don’t have to be too detailed! 🙂 You would actually laugh at my lesson plans! You would think that a HUGE company like Scott Foresman could be a little more teacher friendly with lesson plans, etc. 🙂 Wish I could help!

  4. I found you as perusing and am amazed! love, love love it! One question- Do you use the same novels as I saw the first unit was Old Yeller but did not see any other titles listed as i looked.

    • Barbara- I’m no longer teaching reading. The last year that I taught it we did a reading workshop and didn’t use Reading Street. 😊

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