Reading Passages

I have not been able to really find any 6th grade reading passages with questions on the internet. However, I did find a website that has 5th grade reading passages (close enough). 🙂 These could be for extra practice throughout the year OR extra practice right before the ARMT. Here is the link:

  1. First, let me start by saying what a fantastic website you’ve created! This is a lot of work and a tremendous resource for other educators….thank you! I have a question for you regarding your guided reading lessons. I believe you have a new novel you use almost every week. Are students reading the entire novel that week, or are you only using the specific pages noted on your trifolds for the skill you’re teaching that day? My guided reading lessons I use much shorter texts and was wondering how you did it. Thanks!

    • Rachael-

      With the Scott Foresman Reading Street program, it is a “story” per week, but not the whole novel. For example, the 1st one is “Old Yeller”, but it’s only an excerpt from the novel. Also, these stories are the “whole class” reading stories-even though they are shorter than novels, they are still anywhere from 12-14 pages long so in my opinion they would still be too long to use in guided reading or small group instruction. The leveled readers are for small group instruction-I still think these are too long to try and cover in 1 week. Are you totally confused now? 🙂 The trifolds go along with the “whole class” weekly story that is 12-14 pages long.

      To be honest with you, last year was my 1st year in 6th grade, and nobody at our school had ever done small group reading above K-3. I tried it a few times last year, really liked it, but had a hard time fitting it in with everything else and being departmentalized. I had told myself that I was going to MAKE sure I teach small group reading this year-hopefully, I will be able to once our procedures/routines get underway! 🙂

      Let me know if this helped explain what you were wanting to know! 🙂

    • think you

  2. If you are interested in my reading plans for whole group and small group instruction, I am willing to share. Our school has developed a great plan that individual teacher adjust for their class. Email me at if you would like to view them and/or post them on your site.

  3. This is truly a wonderful site. Thank you for sharing. I’ve found great materials, websites, and ideas to enhance my classroom instructions. May God bless you for your kindness.

  4. this website is the boom it helped me with mly reading!!!!!

  5. I ❤ It

  6. Where can I find the reading passages for reading street? The excerpts you use for the resources that you have created. They are wonderful!!!

    • Samantha,

      I don’t have any reading passages for Reading Street. Sorry. 🙂 I no longer teach reading-I now teach history!

    • Hello,
      I am new to Reading Street this year and am having a hard time figuring out weekly lesson plans. If anyone is willing to share their 6th grade plans I will be extremely grateful. Thanks so much! Lori K.

  7. I am grateful for all of your posts but am just struggling with daily routine/lesson plans. I taught 2nd grade for 12 years. Thanks for responding & have a wONEderful school year in 1st 🙂

    • I only used reading street 2 years in 6th and have to be honest. I did NOT like it! I tried stretching the story out over 2 weeks instead of 1 and liked it better! I still wanted them to have some choice reading. 🙂

  8. I taught 6th self-contained for 7 years. This is my first year back after raising three kids. I’m teaching 6th Literature at the middle school level. THANK YOU for this resource!!!! Your website has saved my keister in planning and prep time! My family unknowingly says thanks, too!

    Cathy Benge
    6 Lit/Pre-AP Lit
    Enid, OK

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