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Book Challenge-#49

Woohoo! I’m almost to my goal of 50 books for the summer!! 🙂

#49 was Ruby Bridges Goes to School-My True Story by Ruby Bridges. Yes, I had to read a picture book to keep going. It’s so close to school starting, and I have so much left to do!

This book would make a great little read aloud when teaching about the civil rights movement.


Book Challenge-#48

I just read Laura Candler’s Power Reading Workshop-Step by Step Guide by Laura Candler and loved it. Even though it still had some of the same things that make the reading workshop unique (like reading records, choice of what to read, teacher conferring with students), it also had some new GREAT things that I’ve never thought of.

My favorite “new” reading power tool was the Magazine Power Hour idea. You let the students read magazines once a month-they get in their non-fiction reading (which is what tests are usually dominated by), and it’s with high interest text! 🙂

There are several more reading tools in Laura’s book-check it out for yourself. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of assessment ideas, but I have found this to sort of be across the board for reading workshop routines. The assessment pieces that they discuss are usually reading response letters(which I agree with), but mostly just “participation” type rubric grades. I feel that being responsible and on task DOES need to be addressed with the students and parents, but not as part of their report card grade. These types of grades can inflate a student’s grades which can be misleading where their true reading ability is concerned. (Just my opinion) 🙂

Here is the link to buy your copy of this book.

Book challenge-#47

Although this book is essentially a light read about the antics of a 6th grader, it still touches on a very real issue that we face each day in our schools-when a child can’t read or is behind grade level in their reading. This is something we see every day-it would be nice if there was a magic prescription that we could give students when they have reading problems. It sometimes seems like we are spinning our wheels.

Helen, a 6th grader with a reading problem, is the focus of this story. She acts out (because of her disability) a lot in school, gets in trouble quite often, and is the target for cruel children.

This will be my 1st read aloud this year (at the suggestion of Donalyn Miller, author of The Book Whisperer). Although I will use this book to set the stage for our own reading instruction, it will also be an opportunity for a lot of context clue work and compare/contrasts since it is an older book with references to things that the students won’t get. It will also be a good way to work in some character education development.

This is a must read for all teachers to truly understand the embarrassment that we can cause with whole class oral reading. Eye-opener.

 6th Grade Can Really Kill You by Barthe DeClements


Book Challenge-#46

Only 4 more books to go to meet my challenge for this summer! Will I make it before school starts next Thursday??? I wonder if book titles count??!! 🙂

I read this book last night after working in my classroom all day (and not really feeling like I got much done!).

The Boy Who Loved Words by Giselle Potter


This would be a GREAT read aloud for a mini-lesson on word awareness (word study) OR word choice in their writing!

Book Challenge-#38-#44

I am trying to get caught up on my book reviews-I went to the beach last week and read 7 books!!! I know-I’m patting myself on the back as I type this!! It was soooooo relaxing! 🙂 Got a tan, ate good food, read some great books, slept late, and spent quality time with my mom!

#38-The Cabin by Carla Neggers-I like this author-she writes suspense stories with a love twist to them. I enjoyed this book, but it seemed a little drawn out to me.


#39-The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline B. Cooney-I loved this book and no, it’s not a typical beach read. It captures an event that can happen to anyone-believe me, tears were shed! And Caroline better be glad I had the companion book ready by my side when I finished this one-that’s all I’m gonna say! 🙂


#40-Whatever Happened to Janie? by Caroline B. Cooney-I loved this one as well and found out there is another companion book to these two-The Voice on the Radio-gotta put it on my list to read.


#41-Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli-I’ve been meaning to read this book all last year since I see it discussed on the web so much-I even recommended it last year to one of my reluctant readers(boy), and he LOVED it so I knew I had to read it. I was very satisfied.


#42-Who Ran my Underwear up the Flagpole? by Jerry Spinelli- I must love Jerry Spinelli-I’ve been buying his books like crazy lately! This was a funny read and will recommend it to ALL my 6th graders!


#43-Bunco Babes Tell All by Maria Geraci-I just had to buy this one since I loooooove playing bunco with my gals each month! I loved it-beware though, it’s a little explicit in places! 🙂


#44- The Wildwater Walking Club by Claire Cook- This was the BEST one of the week! It caught my eye when I bought it a couple of months ago because I really want to start walking-it will inspire you to walk even if you hadn’t thought about it! It is hilarious!!! I was laughing out loud!!!! This is one of those books that I might read again (and I don’t usually do that)! Definitely a beach read!!!!!!!!!!!