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Book Challenge-Book#35

Frindle by Andrew Clements-funny, clever-great book! I had read it before a few years ago but thought I would read it again to be able to recommend to my students(when you turn 40 you can’t remember stuff that happened a few days ago much less a few years ago). 🙂

This book is all about words, and I love anything that is all about words!


Book Challenge-Book#34

There is a four letter word at the end of this book that really makes this book. Now don’t go and read the end before you read the rest of the book! 🙂

Al Capone Does My Shirts  by Gennifer Choldenko has humor and depth to it-it has 2 overlapping stories within the book. One is about Moose and his family having to live on Alcatrez because of his father’s job. The other story is about Moose’s sister, Natalie, that has a condition. You will love this book! I did!

Book Challenge-Book#14

Officer Buckle and Gloria-funny, cute, funny, cute!

This would be a good picture book for teaching partnerships, working together. I had already read it, but I reread it!!!!! Yes, I have the right to do that! 🙂

Book Challenge-Book#13

I didn’t really know if I was going to like this book-but I did! 🙂 Sticks, by Joan Bauer, touches your heart and your funnybone. The main character is growing up in a single parent home due to the death of his father (who was a famous pool player-yes, I said “pool”). He is following in his father’s footsteps to become a dynamic pool player-the book is leading up to a championship game tournament with “life” happening on the way. It’s a good read!

Book Challenge-Book#12

I have got to buy this book! You have got to buy this book! I went to a workshop yesterday(fluency strategies), and the presenter read this book to us (I am going to count this as one of mine). 🙂 It is a WONDERFUL book about a wolf who doesn’t read well but with enough practice figures it out and becomes an exceptional reader. The book has the wolf reading TOO SLOW and then TOO FAST and finally, JUST RIGHT! It is adorable! I am already looking on to buy it!!! Going to use it as my read aloud for a mini-lesson on reading fluently!!!!! 🙂

Wolf by Becky Bloom