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Book Challenge-Book#33


OK-Now that I have that out of the way, I can tell you a little bit about the book! I read this book last year, joined a book study on it this summer where we are reading a couple of chapters each week, and HAVE READ THE ENTIRE BOOK AGAIN!!!!!! It is so practical for the classroom. Donalyn is a 6th grade teacher who loves to read and instills that love for reading in her students each year. I really can’t say enough good things about this book-it is one of those books that you just have to read in your lifetime!

Go ahead and click on the picture above, buy you a copy, start reading, and jump into our book study!

If you want to join the book study all you have to do is go to this blog , start reading the posts about the book, and jump into the conversation! Lots of teachers involved in this book study are posting their reflections to the book and samples of what they are going to be implementing in their classrooms! 🙂



Book Challenge-Book#31

I have finally read a book that I disliked, and I feel guilty about it because it is supposed to be one of those “great reads”. I actually didn’t dislike it at the beginning, but began to the more I read. Please don’t hate me! And, shhhh, don’t tell anyone! 🙂

The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane

It started out ok(of course I don’t guess I’m really into war books too much), but then I just started to not jive too much with Henry, the main character. He was sort of cocky, and I don’t know…I just didn’t like him!

Of course, even though I don’t like it doesn’t mean my students won’t like it. I think I’m going to do what Donalyn Miller said she does in her book, The Book Whisperer. She tells her students that she couldn’t get into a book or didn’t like it and then asks them if anyone wants to try it! She said it works every time!

At least my next post for the book challenge will be a positive one-stay tuned! 🙂

Book Challenge-Book#30

You know I have had to stick some picture books into this book challenge to really keep up with it, but I have really found some jewels. I just read Fireflies by Julie Brinckloe. It’s a cute book, and it has LOTS of prepositional phrases in it and some similes!!! Whoopee!!!!!!!!!!! I can use it for an english mini-lesson!!! While I was searching for the book cover to post, I also found a simile lesson on a teacher’s blog so I am posting the like here:


Book Challenge-Book#29

So B. It by Sarah Weeks is written from the point of view of a strong female character who is on a quest to find out the truth about her mother who is disabled. It would make a great read aloud for 6th grade! Heidi is a very insightful 12 year old who has to deal with issues that “most” 12 year olds don’t have any knowledge of. It was a great read-now I want to read the “Guy” series books by this same author-she says they have more humor in them than this one.

Book Challenge-Book#28

I’ve read another picture book-bought it at Hastings in Auburn yesterday-Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer. Casey at the Bat is a poem/ballad about a famous baseball player. This is a cute picture book about a young boy at his baseball game-it starts out with the story of the boy, inserts the poem, and finishes the story about the boy. Very cute!

Last year we did “Casey at the Bat” as a readers theater, so this year I am going to read them this picture book first before we do the readers theater. This poem has LOTS of high level vocabulary in it!!!!

Here is a link to the readers theater script-Aaron Shepard has lots of great scripts.