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Kindle book addiction

I am quickly becoming addicted to buying books on my kindle! Now don’t get me wrong-I LOVE to hold a book, smell a book, be the book! But, you’ve got to admit that it is convenient and easy to click a button and download a book when you find one you want to read. Here are some websites that you can get books for you kindle:

And of course….


Happy Reading!!





Reading goals anyone?

This was my 1st year teaching 6th grade so I wasn’t really sure at the beginning what I wanted to do with independent reading. I read The Book Whisper by Donna Miller and decided to set a goal of 40 books for the year. Well, of course I didn’t provide them with the time in class to read indpendently because we focused so much on Scott Foresman so I only had 4 students out of 38 that met or exceeded their goal. They were 4 girls that loved to read anyway! 🙂 Here are pictures of 3 of them holding their U.S. map with 40 or more states colored in to represent total books read.

Next year I am going to set the goal at 50 or more books. However, I am going to implement The Daily 5 (or Daily 2, maybe) and CAFE in my classroom which means they are going to have A LOT more time in class to read independently. I can’t wait!! 🙂

I am also going to change some of the genre requirements for what they read independently from what I had them do this year. AND-their entire reading notebook is going to be restructured!!!

Finally finished The Westing Game

Well, we finally finished The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Let me just start by saying that in the beginning I almost gave up on this as a read aloud! Now I am so glad we stuck with it!!!! 🙂

Here are the things that have to be considered:

1. It is very difficult to follow-I have ordered a class set of this book so that every student has a copy in their hands. Also, I introduced it by having them fill out a predict-o-gram with words/terms that are in the book. We periodically revisited this sheet and made changes when necessary. I also gave them a character sheet and as we read through the book I had them write things down when we were introduced to a character or given more information.

2. There are 40 chapters in this book-I did not start this book as soon as I should have so we really crunched some chapters together toward the end.

3. It is very difficult to follow-Did I say this already? 🙂 I should have taken some time throughout the year to introduce some things so they would be more easily understood as they came up in the book-stock market(definitely!!!!), chess, not sure what else but these are 2 biggies!!!!!!

At first I was frustrated along with the kids because there were so many characters to keep straight, and the way the book is written the scenes keep jumping (quickly). BUT-WE ENDED UP LOVING THIS BOOK!!!!! We finished it today-some of my girls (avid readers) did NOT want the book to end!!!!!

I will definitely keep this on my read aloud list and put it at the end of the year again-BUT will build up to it all year!!!

Reading Genre Map

This year I have asked my 6th graders to read at least 40 books(of course they all won’t do this, but if somebody read 4 last year and 10 this year that is an improvement! :)). I had them keep up with it on a reading log, and then we tried to keep up with it as a whole class on our classroom wall. The big poster kept falling so then I made each child sort of a graph, but that doesn’t look too good either. So I am going to try something that I found on a another teacher’s blog-a United States map (next year our goal will be 50). 🙂

Each time they COMPLETE a book, they will color in a state of that particular genre that they read.

Here is the link to a printable map:

We will see how this works!