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Comprehension Thinking Sheet

I have updated my comprehension thinking sheet so that it will have the comprehension strategies that the kids are to be using while reading AND the literary elements/devices that we are studying and writing about this year. All of this information is now at the bottom of the comprehension thinking sheet. For a better explanation of how we use these in our classroom read this post:

To print the comprehension thinking sheet click here:

Comprehension Thinking Sheet

Hopefully, this will be a friendly reminder to them when they are completing the sheet as they read AND embed these strategies/elements into their little brains. 🙂



Read and Write 180-Day 31 and 32

Monday, September 26, 2011 (AND Friday, September 23, 2011)

Yes, I missed my kids today. I was not at school-I was subpeonaed(sp?) to court as a witness in a child custody case for a previous student. I was never called to testify. I did see a lot of heartache. Life is so hard. My heart goes out to the ones involved.


Let me update you on this past Friday-test day. 🙂 Word study test and reading. Pep rally. Gave out graded papers for parents to sign.

Our reading test was an unusual one this past Friday-we did NOT work with a specific reading passage. I retaught how to complete their comprehension thinking sheet on their choice books since I am not seeing the kind of reflective and deep thinking that I want to see on everyone’s paper. THEN, Friday, their reading assessment was to complete one of these sheets on their choice book. I hope to see some critical thinking when I grade them. 🙂

I did take a picture of our “graffiti wall” that we are using in our room this year. This is where the kids can recommend books to each other and write quotes that they find when they are reading.

 Will we have room to keep writing by December??? 🙂

I also took a picture of one my student’s 1st reading response letters. These are the letters that they have to write to me each week (1 each week) on the book of their choice that they are reading. They have guidelines to go by, and I grade them using a rubric that I created. Here is a top notch student’s letter that earned him a 100! 🙂

Close up picture of each page:

I got a cute picture of some of our class about to run down the hill after the pep rally-this gets them so jazzed up!!

 We all LOVE Fridays! 🙂

Hit over the head Part II!

I am in Mobile right now at a leadership conference-250 miles from home. And what do I do almost as soon as I get to my room? Well, after potty and putting out stuff for in the morning! I am checking email and blogging. TRUE. ADDICTION.

Anyway, earlier this morning I posted a youtube video link to a video about students wanting change in education since everything else has changed over the last 90 or so years. It was way cool-check it out if you didn’t get a chance to see it. So I’m driving down the interstate thinking (as usual) and made a decision. For the 1st day of school this year I am going to have my desks set up in traditional rows (which I don’t like-it’s for some people but not for me). 🙂 After we get situated and all I am going to show my kids the video and let them discuss it. THEN…. I am going to put them in groups and have them brainstorm how we might learn differently with a different arrangement in the room. THEN…. I’m going to have them problem solve and come up with a new type of arrangement to support the learning that we want to do this year. What do ya think???? Of course, we still live in a democratic society so the majority rules. 🙂 I also have 2 classes of kids, so we will be able to learn how to compromise. I am so excited about this-giving them a say while at the same time setting the climate for our classroom, using critical thinking skills and collaborating, and problem solving! I can’t wait! 🙂

SIDENOTE: I had my 6th graders do this a couple of times last year (homeroom class) when I just HAD to rearrange-they loved it and it really got them thinking. DRAWBACK: my 2nd class was upset that they didn’t get to do it-boy student said, “Mrs. Shannon, your homeroom class always gets to have fun!” LOL! 🙂