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Checking in for Daily 5

My Fab Five (Daily 5) check in notebook cover is done! This is where the kids will select their choice and sign in for that choice. It’s really just an accountability sheet. Some teachers have a chart or have the kids sign in on the board. I decided to use a notebook so that I would have the sheets for future reference if I needed them. So if by the 6th week of school if a student has only read 2 books, I can look back at the sheets and then talk to the student about why they chose read to self EVERY day, but hasn’t read more than 2 books. 🙂

Fab Five Check In Notebook Cover

I uploaded this cover to my CAFE/Daily 5 page as a pdf document.


FAB FIVE finally figured out!

I think I have solved my Daily 5 dilemma from yesterday! I have tweaked it a little to suit my 6th grade classroom/time constraints, etc,etc,etc,etc (aren’t there so many etcs in our lives???). 🙂

I am renaming mine “Fab Five” mainly because we won’t have time to do EVERYTHING on a daily basis. So, my students will still have choices (most important thing), but they will have all week to complete them with the exception of Read to Self-this will me a MUST for each day.

We will only do 2 rounds of CAFE/Fab Five each day-yet another because-because I have to/want to:

1. Teach English

2. Teach Writing separately

3. Teach whole group reading-gonna try and limit this to 15-20 minutes each day since I KNOW that small group/individual instruction is the bomb!

4. I still want to do an interactive read aloud (chapter book) each day


I AM SO HAPPY!!! :):) I am one step closer to organizing this chaotic mind of mine!

I created the “Fab Five” posters to put on my bulletin board in power point. Here is the link to the actual power point file in case you want to edit and use for your classroom.


Here is the pdf file that I converted the presentation to.

FABFIVEposter pdf file

Let me know what you think!

Daily 5 Dilemma…..

My mind is a war zone right now-I am planning on implementing CAFE and The Daily 5 in my 6th grade classroom this upcoming year, but I can’t figure out if I should do Daily 3 or Daily 4 or Daily 1.7??????? Please help!!! 🙂

This is what I’m working with at the moment (I think): After my other stuff (word study, english, read aloud, writing, whole class reading lesson) I think I will have about 50 minutes to an hour for CAFE/Daily. I want my kids to read to self EVERYDAY. I don’t have to have work on words choice because we will do this quickly as a whole class each morning. I’m probably just confusing myself but my question is this:

If I only have 2 rounds each day can I still give them 3 or 4 choices? Without making them do all 3 or 4? Or does that not make any sense? Do I not make any sense? 🙂

I guess what I’m trying to say is I think I would like to let them have 4 choices but with only 2 rounds they don’t have to do all 4 each day-read to self will be the one mandatory. Is that too complicated?

Tell me your thoughts so that I can think your thoughts instead of mine! 🙂

Another practice round of Daily 5

I did another round of Daily 5/CAFE  today-LOVED it!!! I was able to do 2 rounds with my 1st class and only 1 round with my 2nd class. Now-the rounds did not last as long as I wanted them to, but this is what I LOVED: Individual Conferences!!!! WOW!!!! It was so calm AND it was so enlightening!! With my 1st class I conferred with 3 students(I was interrupted by office personnel-don’t you just love the end of the school year????). I conferred with 3 kids in my 2nd class. I thought this was pretty good considering it was my FIRST time to confer one-on-one! 🙂 I so wish I had been doing this all year-I almost feel bad for my struggling kids that I feel like I didn’t really help as well as I could have!!!

Of course, I know that I didn’t do these conferences like I was supposed to being here at the end of the school year, but it still went so well!! I taught the “check for understanding” strategy with 2 of my girls-one of them did so much better than what I thought she would based on her ability to understand the deeper meaning of a piece of text. So this lets me know that after just a couple of more times with her I will need to move her on to another strategy!

I just can’t believe the insight that I was able to get on these 6 children (out of 37) today!! 🙂 I even put 3 of them on my “appointment calendar” to meet with again (I say this like I am bragging, but it IS the end of school-only 8 days left for us)!!!

This is what I will be dreaming about tonight:


Do you get the picture???????????????????????????????????