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Book Challenge-Book#32

I just read a book that I picked up at a thrift store(Yes, I’m addicted!), and I thought that it might be ok to read. I ended up really enjoying it. The Clearing- a mystery by Dorothy  Reynolds Miller is a children’s novel about friendship, quirkiness, and the mystery of who really killed little 5 year old Bucky 10 years ago. It shows lots of true emotions such as humor, anger, sadness, and grief. It’s not too long and it kept my interest throughout the entire book. A great read and it was only $1.00!!! 🙂


Book Challenge-Book#28

I’ve read another picture book-bought it at Hastings in Auburn yesterday-Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer. Casey at the Bat is a poem/ballad about a famous baseball player. This is a cute picture book about a young boy at his baseball game-it starts out with the story of the boy, inserts the poem, and finishes the story about the boy. Very cute!

Last year we did “Casey at the Bat” as a readers theater, so this year I am going to read them this picture book first before we do the readers theater. This poem has LOTS of high level vocabulary in it!!!!

Here is a link to the readers theater script-Aaron Shepard has lots of great scripts.


Book Challenge-Book#27

I just met a character in a book that I didn’t want to part with-Ida B. That’s her name, and that’s the name of the book. Ida B by Katherine Hannigan.

My daughter and I were at Books-a-Million today (she wanted to go there and sit in the chairs and read), and I had to buy a book to read (she had her nook). Well, then I saw the shelf that said “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”-I couldn’t pass that up! 🙂 My daugher was getting impatient! Ida B was one of the 3 books that I got-I bought them, we ordered smoothies (yum), and sat and read. It was so much fun!! Then my daughter drove us back home (about 50 minutes)-I was already on page 178!

It was hard to put down, but I had conned my daughter to go with me to my classroom and move my desk and reading table (I’ll save that for another post-which probably won’t have too many smiley faces in it!). Then I had to check the water for our cows. Finally, I got back to the house and proceeded to FINISH this awesome book.

I know-you are thinking that I have liked all of the books that I have read and posted about this summer, but you have got to read this one! Ida B is a 4th grader with the wisdom, insight, and humor of an adult!

Book Challenge-Book#26

I have only read 1 book by Jodi PicoultThe Pact-and it was great! Sad but great! I’m trying not to to drain my bank account since I got my kindle(this will be a true test of discipline on my part!), so I ordered a short story by Jodi that was only like $2.99. (Bargain time)

Leaving Home is a collection of 3 short stories-the 1st is about losing the one thing that would hurt the most-a child, the 2nd is a letter that Jodi wrote to her son when he was leaving to go to college, and the 3rd was about a wife/mother that left home for a vacation.

They were all really, really good-just remember to keep your kleenex close for the 1st one!

Book Challenge-Book#25

If you like historical fiction like Little House on the Prairie, etc. you will love this book-The Sign of the Beaver. It’s set back in the not 21st century-ha, can’t remember exactly. 🙂

I love kid books that are set in the 1700s and 1800s-everything was so simple then! 🙂