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Finally finished The Westing Game

Well, we finally finished The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. Let me just start by saying that in the beginning I almost gave up on this as a read aloud! Now I am so glad we stuck with it!!!! ūüôā

Here are the things that have to be considered:

1. It is very difficult to follow-I have ordered a class set of this book so that every student has a copy in their hands. Also, I introduced it by having them fill out a predict-o-gram with words/terms that are in the book. We periodically revisited this sheet and made changes when necessary. I also gave them a character sheet and as we read through the book I had them write things down when we were introduced to a character or given more information.

2. There are 40 chapters in this book-I did not start this book as soon as I should have so we really crunched some chapters together toward the end.

3. It is very difficult to follow-Did I say this already? ūüôā I should have taken some time throughout the year to introduce some things so they would be more easily understood as they came up in the book-stock market(definitely!!!!), chess, not sure what else but these are 2 biggies!!!!!!

At first I was frustrated along with the kids because there were so many characters to keep straight, and the way the book is written the scenes keep jumping (quickly). BUT-WE ENDED UP LOVING THIS BOOK!!!!! We finished it today-some of my girls (avid readers) did NOT want the book to end!!!!!

I will definitely keep this on my read aloud list and put it at the end of the year again-BUT will build up to it all year!!!