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Reading Aloud to 6th Graders

Reading aloud to my 6th graders is probably one of my favorite times of the day! I think “most” of them love it, too! It’s like I’m able to bring the characters alive for them through my voice and actions. We always talk to our partners about some of what is read. Today we finished chapter 4 of The Watsons Go To Birmingham  by Christopher Paul Curtis.




Kenny’s brother, Byron, took care of Larry Dunn, the boy who stole Kenny’s gloves. In fact, he took care of him REAL GOOD. We discussed how Kenny’s character is so nice and considerate and actually ended up feeling sorry for the boy who stole his gloves.

We answered some questions from our trucker buddy and sent him some questions. We can’t wait for him to visit us! 🙂

Our day tomorrow will be FILLED with our weekly tests. One of them is on our Scott Foresman Reading Street story this week-The Chimpanzees I Love by Jane Goodall. Today we finished partner reading the story and used sticky notes to write down what we though was important. Of course, I also went over the study guide so that our grades can be suitable instead of so many failing grades. These tests are HARD!!! For me!!! 🙂

We didn’t have enough time for Read to Self. 😦 Why can’t I just have another hour in my day???? Even 30 more minutes for each class would be enough. I still need to tweak my schedule to fit this in EVERYDAY!!! And we didn’t even write today! Maybe by retirement I’ll have something figured out for the next teacher. 🙂

1 day until the weekend!! Hooray!




Reading aloud

We only have 7 more chapters until we are finished with Walk Two Moons (our read aloud). 🙂 This week I am reading about 2 chapters each day-might crank it up to 3 tomorrow and Thursday. We have continued to complete our prediction charts each day on at least 1 of the chapters. This is a 3 column chart-1. What I predict will happen 2. Why I think that will happen 3. What really happened. The 1st 2 columns we fill out prior to reading the chapter and the last column is filled out after reading. I need to do something during reading (that is what the research shows-before, during, and after reading). During reading is probably the most important because it causes the reader (or listener) to THINK while reading which aids in comprehension. I could have them do quick writes like we did with the Scott Foresman stories. This is where periodically we would make visualizations, connections, or ask questions while reading. We would share these. Or I might try and search for another “during” reading strategy that would lend itself to a read aloud. I’ll let you know what I come up with!! The kids are SOOOOO into this book! They moan and groan when I say, “Well, that’s the end of that chapter”!! 🙂 I love it!

We will make our collages this Friday. They have formed groups and are responsible for cutting out pictures/letters/words from magazines, etc. to create the collages. I will take pictures and post them when completed.

I almost forgot to tell you about an after reading strategy that we did today. It is called 3-2-1. It can be done with anything they read. I had them write 3 things they KNEW about the chapter, 2 things they found INTERESTING, and 1 QUESTION they still had. You can make up your own 3-2-1 however you want to. It was quick and showed me a lot about them as a listener. I will definitely use this when they are the ones actually reading something.