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Unit 4 study guides DONE!

Nothing like going backwards! I have now uploaded the Unit 4 study guides in both word and pdf format to the unit 4 pages.

Unit 6 will be done sometime next week-unless I have time tomorrow! 🙂


Tracking Standards

Since last year I felt like I was ambling along without any sort of REAL direction (my fault), this year I am going to make myself be aware of EVERYTHING I do and WHY I do it! To better aid me with this task (since I’m a VERY visual learner) I typed up the Alabama Course of Study Standards for 6th grade Reading-Language-Literature-Writing (everything I teach with the exception of the technology standards). I am going to print and cut and put on a bulletin board right near my desk and small group table. Each time I introduce/teach a skill I am going to highlight it to help keep myself on track.

Yeah, yeah, I know that I am supposed to look at the standards and imprint them into my brain at the beginning of the year and then keep looking at them as I plan my lessons. However, when you are given a scripted “research based” program to teach with, you just assume that EVERYTHING is covered explicitly and many, many, many times. Reality check: don’t assume anything (I’m not going to underline the chunk in that word that should be standing out to you by now!). 🙂

Now don’t get me wrong-I didn’t do ALL that Scott Foresman provides because it’s impossible so I might have missed some stuff. But, I have been told in the past to just make sure I teach the TARGET skills-the ones with the bulls eye beside them-well, I don’t think that worked!

So-here we go again! Here is the document for you to print, and I also posted it on my AL COS Standards page on this blog.

6th Grade Alabama Course of Study Standards pdf


Online games for Reading Street

Here is a link to some online games/activities for the Scott Foresman Reading Street reading program-6th grade. (Thank you Frieda Lewis!!!!!!!) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Uploaded vocabulary

I might spell this entire post incorrectly because my eyes are crossed from doing these vocabulary words and uploading them! 🙂

All of the units (1-6) vocabulary word cards have been uploaded for Reading Street. Whew….

Somebody has already suggested I do a cloze vocabulary activity for each week-if you have any other things that you want me to do (try) just leave me a comment!, e

This is what’s in the works for the near future: powerpoints for each week (more like a teacher guide to keep you on task) 🙂 and a week at a glance sheet for you to be able to see the STUFF that you need to cover, etc.

I hope everyone is able to use some of this stuff! 🙂

Benchmark Assessments-Scott Foresman Reading Street

I just created a new page for the Benchmark Assessments for the Scott Foresman Reading Street reading program for 6th grade. These documents show what reading comprehension skills are tested for each unit on the Benchmark Assessment that you give. Each document has the question#, the tested skill, and whether or not it was a targeted skill, review skill, or extended skill.

Let me just explain something real quick, and this might not have affected you, but it did me since last year was my 1st year in 6th grade after 6 years in Kindergarten.

There is a targeted reading comprehension strategy and skill that goes along with each weekly story (like main idea, generalize, etc.). All of you know that there is TOO MUCH to teach so we usually don’t get to everything each week. Which means we have to skip some stuff. I was told that the targeted skills (the ones that have a bullseye) are the MOST IMPORTANT ones and make sure I teach those-don’t worry if I can’t get to other stuff. Well, this is all fine and good, but LOTS of the other stuff is tested on the benchmark assessments as well as the ARMT!!! I guess I didn’t really take the time this past year to sit down and figure all this out (I know, shame on me), so guess what? If my kids didn’t get taught some of this stuff in 5th grade or before, OR if they just didn’t get it when they were taught it in 5th grade or before (I know that doesn’t happen), then they DID NOT GET IT! 😦 OMG!!!!

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like I could teach the Scott Foresman Reading Street program til 7:00 pm each night and STILL NOT COVER IT ALL! 🙂 The weekly story itself feels like it is 87 pages long (I know, it’s only about 12 -14), but it takes forever just to “read it”, much less teach the strategies/skills that need to be taught through the story.

Last year I felt like I taught the “story” more than the strategies/skills that the kids needed to be able to apply to ANY TEXT.

What’s a girl to do? Well, let’s just say that something has got to change. I want my kids to be strategic readers of ANY TEXT, not just the stories from Scott Foresman that should just be the vehicles through which I teach them how to be strategic readers. I am open to any suggestions from anyone else that uses this program!!!!!!! 🙂