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Coming Soon-Spelling Word Cards

I will be uploading spelling word cards for each unit of Scott Foresman Reading Street(6th grade) over the next week so so. These could be used to put in a pocketchart each week or anything else you can think of! I have said that next year I am going to change my spelling instruction-still not sure how yet. I’ll let you know when I figure it out! 🙂 But for those of you that will continue to give the spelling list each week with a Thursday or Friday spelling test-I’ll put these cards out there for you soon! 🙂


Common Core Standards

The state of Alabama adopted the Common Core Standards back in November 2010 for English and Math. How do you feel about this? There are mixed emotions about this adoption of national standards. Come people feel that it is another intrusion from our federal government; others feel that they give us a common goal. I have looked over the Common Core Standards-they seem to be a bit more explicit than our Alabama standards which seem sort of vague to me. Alabama only has 17 standards for Reading/English/Spelling/Writing for 6th grade-so why do I still feel crunched for time? 🙂 This past year (my 1st in 6th grade) I went strictly “by the book”-that is, I started with Week 1 in our Scott Foresman Reading Street and went week by week/story by story. I really feel that I focused too much on “the story” and not enough on the comprehension strategies that the kids need to be able to read and understand ANY text-NOT JUST THE WEEKLY STORY.

Having said all of this-my goal for this summer is to sit down with the AL Course of Study, the Common Standards, my Reading Steet books, and all of the other GREAT books that I have purchased (like the Daily 5/CAFE/R5 in the classroom/The Book Whisperer/etc, etc, etc) and PLAN out my year according to all of this.

Hopefully, the Common Core Standards will benefit me in this endeavor! 🙂