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Sneak a Peak

I worked in my classroom ALL day-well, I did take a lunch break, oh and I did a 30minute exercise video with my best friend(she teaches 4th), and I took a yogurt snack break! BUT, I really did work in my classroom all day! 🙂

Mostly, I just dragged stuff out-I ALWAYS make a bigger mess before I get it together! My daughter came and hooked up my printer for me(of course, then I realized it was out of ink-just my luck!). She also took ALL of my Scott Foresman Reading Street leveled readers and organized them into my plastic sterlite drawers. She didn’t even complain while doing it-she wanted to go somewhere-you know how 17 year old are! 🙂

I took 2 pictures to post-I will write a short description for each one:

Yellow, purple, orange, and green strips-this is where my CAFE board will be

Yellow border-this is my conference calendar for CAFE

Blue border- this will be my focus objectives for week

Green border-this will be my Daily 5 choice signs

Pink border-I am going to type up all of our AL COS standards and post them here-I am planning on highlighting each one as I teach it(sort of keep myself accountable!)

Orange paper-This will be our graffiti board (I have never done this)-the kids can write short book recommendations to each other as well as favorite lines from books(I think they will LOVE this!)

Blue border- I am going to have a data wall-Each 6 weeks they will take a benchmark assessment test-I will post it on our data wall(by numbers not names) and let them write a short note about what their reading goal will be for the next 6 weeks

Pink border- The yellow folder is where I will put work for kids who were absent; The 2 ziploc bags are my positive behavior stuff; the blank space is where I am going to put my vision/mission statement for our classroom as well as 1 or 2 of my favorite quotes

I will do a FULL post when I get my room completely ready (hopefully before school starts :))!

What have you done so far to get your room ready? Please share!


Benchmark Assessments-Scott Foresman Reading Street

I just created a new page for the Benchmark Assessments for the Scott Foresman Reading Street reading program for 6th grade. These documents show what reading comprehension skills are tested for each unit on the Benchmark Assessment that you give. Each document has the question#, the tested skill, and whether or not it was a targeted skill, review skill, or extended skill.

Let me just explain something real quick, and this might not have affected you, but it did me since last year was my 1st year in 6th grade after 6 years in Kindergarten.

There is a targeted reading comprehension strategy and skill that goes along with each weekly story (like main idea, generalize, etc.). All of you know that there is TOO MUCH to teach so we usually don’t get to everything each week. Which means we have to skip some stuff. I was told that the targeted skills (the ones that have a bullseye) are the MOST IMPORTANT ones and make sure I teach those-don’t worry if I can’t get to other stuff. Well, this is all fine and good, but LOTS of the other stuff is tested on the benchmark assessments as well as the ARMT!!! I guess I didn’t really take the time this past year to sit down and figure all this out (I know, shame on me), so guess what? If my kids didn’t get taught some of this stuff in 5th grade or before, OR if they just didn’t get it when they were taught it in 5th grade or before (I know that doesn’t happen), then they DID NOT GET IT! 😦 OMG!!!!

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like I could teach the Scott Foresman Reading Street program til 7:00 pm each night and STILL NOT COVER IT ALL! 🙂 The weekly story itself feels like it is 87 pages long (I know, it’s only about 12 -14), but it takes forever just to “read it”, much less teach the strategies/skills that need to be taught through the story.

Last year I felt like I taught the “story” more than the strategies/skills that the kids needed to be able to apply to ANY TEXT.

What’s a girl to do? Well, let’s just say that something has got to change. I want my kids to be strategic readers of ANY TEXT, not just the stories from Scott Foresman that should just be the vehicles through which I teach them how to be strategic readers. I am open to any suggestions from anyone else that uses this program!!!!!!! 🙂


Spelling roadmap

I just uploaded the spelling focus roadmap for each week of every unit in the Scott Foresman Reading Street reading program. You can find it on the Unit Roadmap page-along with the english concept roadmap and the reading comprehension strategy roadmap. Hope you find something you can use to make life easier! 🙂

I’m practicing with the jing capture screen thing so bear with me. This is what the spelling roadmap looks like! 🙂

Coming Soon-Spelling Word Cards

I will be uploading spelling word cards for each unit of Scott Foresman Reading Street(6th grade) over the next week so so. These could be used to put in a pocketchart each week or anything else you can think of! I have said that next year I am going to change my spelling instruction-still not sure how yet. I’ll let you know when I figure it out! 🙂 But for those of you that will continue to give the spelling list each week with a Thursday or Friday spelling test-I’ll put these cards out there for you soon! 🙂

Favorite Reading Street Stories

I had about 15-20 students that had to stay in during part of their P.E. time this morning because they didn’t bring back their signed graded papers. Sooo-I had them go through the Scott Foresman Reading Street textbook and write down their favorite stories and give the reasons why. These are the results for the weekly stories(the loooong ones) and the short stories (that come after the loooong ones):

Long Weekly Story          Votes

Old Yeller                                 14

When Crowbar Came            13

Hatchet                                     11

Space Cadets                           11

Juan Verdades                        9

Saving The Rainforest           6

Dinosaur Ghosts                    5

Week in the 1800s, Learning to Swim, Mother Fletcher’s Gift, and The View From Saturday all got 4 votes.

Interpretation of Results-Fiction (8)/Non-fiction (3). Obviously, the students like fiction more than non-fiction soooo-next year I am going to make sure that when we read non-fiction I will choose a couple of the above and then find some high-interest articles, magazines, etc. for the rest. I know that I need to teach them how to read and understand non-fiction, but I want it to be as enjoyable as possible for them (AND ME)!! 🙂

Short Story                     Votes

Coming Over                        7

A Dog’s Life                          5

Eating Utensils                    4

Call of the Deep Wilds, Song of Chirimia, They’ve Got Personality, Going Ape, and Wild Peco’s Bill all received 3 votes.

OVERALL: I had A LOT of students say they liked certain stories because they like animals! And look at how many chose “Coming Over” which is about immigration. They liked this story-this sort of surprised me! 🙂 I think that I will make sure immigration is a topic that we read about more than once.