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My blog is a Top 10 Blog!!!!!

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! Another teacher on the internet has nominated my blog as one of her top 10 blogs that she visits!!!! Thanks to Jen at

for giving me a shout out! I love teaching and blogging, so the two naturally just fit together! Head on over to Jen’s fantastic blog to see who else is on her top 10 list and to see all of her FANTASTIC teaching things!!!


I’m so excited-I just can’t hide it………………. 🙂


Grade level linkity link link party

This link will take you to a fabulous blog that has an ongoing linky party for grade level blogs. There are so many blogs organized by grade level with so many resources!!!

Awesome Blogs!!

Click on the button to be transported to a place full of wonderful teaching blogs with creative ideas-it will probably take you all summer to completely peruse all of these blogs-HAVE FUN!!!!