Unit 1-Week 2







Unit 1-Week2-Weekataglance word

Unit 1-Week2-Weekataglance pdf

  1. I would love to use your tri-folds for my sixth graders next year. I am having problems with opening each unit tri-fold. I am using microsoft works word. Can you help?

    • I created them in Microsoft Word 2007 but saved them as a 1997 document so that everyone would be able to open them even if they had an older computer, but I’m not sure what to do about the fact that your program is works and not word. Let me look around on the internet and see what I can find! 🙂

    • OK-I think this link will help you. All you have to do is download a compatability program to your computer (should be free) and this will allow you to open the Microsoft Word files. Let me know if this works for you! 🙂

  2. Meridith Parker

    Love your site! Extremely helpful! I’m not real impressed with the tests that go along with Reading Street. Do you use them or do you create your own?

    • OMG! That is a soapbox that I could get on and stay on for awhile! 🙂 The weekly selection tests are very hard-this last year was my 1st year in 6th grade(after 6 years in K) so I did what the previous reading teacher had done-I made a study guide to help them with the selection test.

      I also used the fresh read as an assessment, but most of them did HORRIBLE on them-even though I believe they truly test whether or not a child is a critical thinker and strategic reader!

      About 3/4 of the way through the year I created a couple of my own tests to go with “Gold” and another story (can’t remember). I tried to go by Bloom’s Taxonomy to ask questions from recall all the way up to evaluate. I really liked them-I let them use their book since this is how they are tested in the spring anyway.

      Of course, I’m the kind of teacher that would really like to teach reading in my own way and not with a designated reading program. This next year I am going to use The CAFE Literacy book and The Daily Five as guides for my instruction. 🙂

  3. I agree that the selection tests are HARD! I ended up creating my own as well.
    Are you willing to share the study guides you created for the selection tests?
    Again, I LOVE your site! Thank you so much for compiling resources specifically for 6th grade Reading Street. There isn’t a whole lot out there.

    • Stefanie-

      The study guide that I created for my students actually had the test questions and answer options on it-not sure if you want that! I am planning on creating some different study guides which will have the spelling words on it, the english concept, the reading strategy, the reading skill. BUT, let me know if you want the ones with the test questions/answer options on it-that is what the previous reading teacher had done so I copied him! 🙂

  4. I hated my teacher when i was in middle school and now look at me i am a teacher and i love to teach

  5. I have a question. I am knew to teaching workshop style lessons. We have always been by the book! BORING. I was wondering. Do you read the whole book that you use like Old Yeller & Mother FLetcher? Or do you only read parts. How do you use the books. Do you read for a set period of time each day? Thank you for all you do, as a new teacher to this method, I need as much support as possible.

  6. WOW !!! i am a student teacher and i have just started exploring your blog WOW !!! you are amazing this is what i have been looking for – structure !!! is there any other blogs you could can recommend ? – i am going on PRAC experience next year 5 or 6

    • Krystle,

      Thanks. I’m glad you’ve found something you can use. There are so many good blogs out there, but for the life of me I can’t think of one single blog’s name right now. Look up Surviving Sixth Grade and see if they have a blogroll on their home page.:)

  7. Where do you get your reading selections from? You have things wonderfully organized-love it! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Vhowey,

      They come from the reading program our school adopted, but I don’t use the program anymore. Last year I only taught English. This upcoming year I will be teaching all subjects in 6th grade, but am going to attempt readers workshop!!!

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