Unit 1-Week 5







  1. I am sooo excited to see 6th grade resources available. Thanks soo much. Awesome new ideas!

  2. You are such a great person! You are sharing this valuable teaching resources!
    I also qould like to know if there is someone who shares -or you- materiales for fourth grade!

    • Marogueva-

      Thank you! I don’t know anyone specifically who shares Scott Foresman 4th grade stuff-well, you can go to Waltke’s Web (just google that) and their page has K-5 Scott Foresman stuff-maybe you can find what you need there! Good luck!! 🙂 Also, try one of the links on the right side of my blog (I think Brooke Curlee)-you may find 4th grade stuff there, too! 🙂

  3. Shannon – I am helping my grandson study for his weekly reading tests. He uses Scott Foresman Reading Street for Grade 6. I think we prepare enough but he unfortunately does worse each week. I had him ask his teacher for a copy of his completed tests and I don’t think I would have passed the tests either and I have an MBA. The questions are terrible! Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you. Vicki

    • Vicki-

      The tests are HARD!!!!!!!! They are the hardest tests that I have ever seen, and I am an avid and fluent and FREQUENT reader! 🙂 They test much higher level thinking than what the kids are used to! I think they are meant to be open book tests. The only thing that I can tell you is to tell him: 1. Read all 4 answers and mark out 2 that are obviously NOT correct, then work on the other two to try and decide which one is the best. Last year I ended up giving my students a study guide on Monday that actually had the test questions on it-they would do it for homework, then we would go over them on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some teachers that I know actually mark out 1 or 2 of the answers so that the kids only see 2 or 3 choices for each test question. It’s almost like the people who made the tests are trying to trick the students.

      Also, we are REALLY focusing on the comprehension skills/strategies this year to hopefully make sure that the kids can read and “think” about their reading. We practice the strategies DAILY!

      I wish there was more that I could tell you that would help! If the teacher sees that a large number of students (1/2 or more) are not doing well she/he may decide to change up the way they are testing. Good luck! 🙂 Let me know if you have anymore questions that I “might” can help you with! 🙂

      • I have been sending home the study guide above with the students, family times sheet, and create a crossword for students for review. I totally agree that the test is a lot of higher level thinking skills; however, I also realize this is what will be on the state tests. The other thing that I have been doing that hs seemed to help is given a weekly “Skills and Ideas” test. This test includes other skills as well as the challenge vocabulary words, and genre type. Since Reading Street is new for me this year, I have definitely depended on sites like this for help! Oh and last, but not least…. I have been reading the last page of test questions aloud to the students. Test scores were better when I did this. It’s a two edge sword though! Any other ideas for selection test success would be greatly appreciated! : )

      • Amy-

        I would LOVE to see an example of your crossword puzzle that you made!! And your “skills and ideas” test!!!!! 🙂

  4. I am not really sure about how to attach this so I am going to just copy and paste!

    Viva New Jersey Name:__________ Hr. ___
    1. A reference to something that happened previously in the story.
    6. hallways
    8. endured
    11. final location
    12. threatening
    13. The theme of this story is that: bad situations can ________ from one day to the next.
    14. requests

    1. Lucinda was sad as she walked along the water because it reminded her of ___________.
    2. As Lucinda stroked her dog she was affected in a way that she didn’t even hear the _________.
    3. Unlike her family, Lucinda did not feel a _________ with New Jersey at first.
    4. A hint as to what is to come later in the story.
    5. feeling his way
    7. commotion
    9. Lucinda took the dog with her because she thought he needed ___________.
    10. mutt

    mongrel groping help disturbance
    corridors pleas connection flashback
    menacing destination foreshadowing change
    persisted Florida sirens

    That is the crossword without the crossword part. I have no idea why it came out that way! It is from Viva New Jersey.

    When Crowbar Came
    Skills and Ideas Test – Unit 1 Week 5
    Match the phrases in the left column to the word(s) in the right column. Make sure that you write neatly!

    ________1. The main character in this story.

    ________2. From the story you learned that crows make good ________.

    ________3. The word of the week that means to keep on keeping on.

    ________4. Mrs. Morrison loves to watch Oklahoma Sooner _________.

    ________5. Mrs. Tee Van said that crows were ________, which means odd and kind of scary.

    ________6. The genre that recounts a true event(s) by telling a story.

    ________7. Statements that can be proven true or false.

    ________8. Statements that are judgments or beliefs.

    ________9. Fixed in their minds and memories.

    ________10. Added to a word to change the meaning.

    ________11. The opposite meaning of a word.

    ________12. “The greater the difficulty, the greater the ______.”

    ________13. Crowbar was _______ at taking things.

    ________14. strange and mysterious; weird

    ________15. kidnap

    A. abduct

    B. antonyms

    C. Crowbar

    D. eerie

    E. facts

    F. football

    G. glory

    H. imprinted

    I. Narrative Nonfiction

    J. opinions

    K. perseverance

    L. pets

    M. sly

    N. suffix

    O. uncanny

    Again, weird! If you have a better way to get those to come out in a better way! Thanks again for this awesome website!! : )Bump Bump Bump Bump Bummmmm I’m lovin’ it!

  5. Hi Carlor,

    I love your crosswords and test soooooo much

  6. I will be more than happy to share those weekly if I have emails.

    • Hi Amy! I’m new to teaching 6th grade Reading Street and I’m struggling with finding good supplemental materials. I’m not sure if you are still teaching Reading Street, but I would love some of your resources if you are willing to share! Let me know and I’ll give you my email address.

  7. I will be happy to share those with you. I am still teaching 6th grade reading and using Reading Street. Just forward an email and I will send you my files for you to muddle through!

  8. Hi, i am teaching kids at Montessori in Mexico. I have ten out of 48 who are special need students. I have assigned something different for them , but for the rest of the class, i’d like to be able to read them the stories herein mentioned. However, i have not yet found a site that will give me the ebook or something of the nature. Would either of you know where i can find it.
    P.S all my students use their laptops in class with internet readily available.

    • John Michael,
      I wiI don’t know anything you can do. The reading program comes with CDs for each story that they can listen to. I don’t use the program anymore but I wish I could help you. 🙂


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