Unit 1-Week 1



Unit 1-Week1-Weekataglance word

Unit 1-Week1-Weekataglance pdf


vocabularywordsUnit1Week1Old Yeller

MiniFocusWallUnit1Week1OldYeller pdf

StudyGuideUnit1Week1 word

StudyGuideUnit1Week1 pdf

  1. Love this. Thanks for sharing. Ginger

  2. Wow! Thanks for all the hard work. This will make teaching sixth grade reading much more friendly. I have taught for 33 years, but this will be the first sixth grade reading class I’ve taught since we changed to Reading Street.
    Thanks again!

  3. This is such a HUGE help! I feel sooo much better about starting my new grade level. You are a life-saver!! Thanks so very much!


    thank you so much, this make my job easier and let me have time to make other things to my class, elizabeth from cancun, q. roo mexico.

  5. After teaching for 25 years, I’ve not been in a regular classroom for 14 years. I have been exposed to Reading Street but not as a full time reading teacher. The info you’ve supplied will certainly ease some of the hard work ahead. Thanks ever so much!

  6. Returning to sixth grade after many years in second grade. Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard work!!!

    • Mrs. Hall-

      You are very welcome! Last year was my 1st year in 6th grade after 6 years in Kindergarten!!! LOVE IT! 🙂

  7. I just found your site, and I have to say I am so happy that I found it! I switched grades from 4th to 6th, and had a very busy summer finishing my master’s in Reading, so I haven’t had a lot of time to plan for the school year that starts in 3 days…UGH! Your resources are going to be a lifesaver for me. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I am soooo thanking you everyday!!! I have been with Kindergarten for 8 years, Title I for 2 years, and just moved to sixth grade. I would pay good money just to use your site! lol! Thanks for all the hard work. My students and I are already enjoying the benefits! I really am appreciative!

    • Deanna-

      I am glad you find it helpful!!!! I love teaching, reading, and blogging! Oh, yeah-I love my family, too! 🙂

  9. Your site is amazing! Thank you for sharing your resources!

  10. Exactly what I needed,,, thanks a lot for sharing,,, i appreciate it,,, really hard work,,,

  11. I am a grade 6 teacher in York Region. I have used many of your ideas with great success in my classroom. What do you do for the social studies unit on First Nations and European Explorers? I am looking for ideas to give my unit more “zip”. thank you.

  12. How do you know what pages to use from each book for the weeks’ lessons?

  13. How does one know which pages to use with the week’s lesson

  14. This is amazing! I am teaching Reading Street 5 to ESL learners in South Korea. Wish there was awesome blog like this for grade5. ^^

  15. WOW!! Kind of freaking out that I’m teaching grade 6 next year…finding this resource is amazing!!! Thank you

    • Melanie-

      Hope you can use some of it! You will love 6th grade. 🙂 I won’t be teaching reading next year so I won’t be updating this blog-I have created a new blog that combines my love of teaching, reading, and running. I will be teaching 5th/6th history and 5th english. Hope you have a great summer and good luck next year. 🙂

  16. This site is very helpful. I am a home school mom, and have put in a lot of time with grammar, yet the children do not comphend nor able to recall grammar on state test. I believe I will try this method for my childrens 6th grade. May the LORD bless you.

    • Thanks Lisa! I think english grammar is one of the things that NOBODY remembers-even adults! In my opinion, it is because we teach it in an isolated manner instead of integrating it within their writing (I’m guilty as charged!). Writing is hard to teach-writing with grammar interwoven is even harder to teach-and VERY consuming! 🙂

  17. Love the site! Quick question…I see you teach from Old Yeller in unit 1. Do you read the whole book that week? Do you cover just parts of the book?

    • I’m not teaching reading anymore, but we only read the excerpt that was in their textbook. Of course, I had several copies of the book that I showed to them. 🙂

  18. The information you have shared on this site has been a tremendous help. Thanks for your ideas.

  19. I am SOOOOOOOOOO sad you dont teach 5th grade!

    • Janette,

      You’re so sweet! 🙂 I will be teaching 5th grade english this year-a 30 minute block-but we will be following spelling/grammar book-boring. 🙂

  20. Shannon, I teach the exact same thing as you in Iowa, 6th grade SF, and I just stumbled onto your site. It is amazing and I can tell you are dedicated! I have been looking around at some of your SF stuff and wanted to know if you are willing to let me use some of this as I start to create my own communication site with students and parents? I would be happy to share some things that we have created for extension pieces with you as well. Thanks!

    • Stephanie-

      You are welcome to use it all! 🙂 I no longer teach reading so won’t need anything from you (this year). Who knows if that will change. 🙂 I’ll be teaching 5th grade english and 5/6 grade history.

      • How exciting to have a new position! Will you keep this site open or will you be closing or changing it? Thank you so much!

      • Stephanie,

        This blog will stay open-I just won’t add anything to it. 🙂 I am VERY excited about teaching history!

  21. This is sensational. First year ELA and Social Studies teacher here who is trying to wrap their head around instituting Reading Street for the first year as well. This is incredibly helpful and I very much appreciate all of the time you put into this.

  22. You are such a dedicated teacher! Thanks for sharing

  23. Do you have the amazing words printable like the vocabulary words?

  24. I found the vocabulary words on the pearsonsuccess website. Thanks anyway.

  25. I have enjoyed viewing your site. I have been a second grade teacher for 16 years and I now teach 6th grade. Yikes! Do you have power points for every lesson of the reading street program for 6th grade?

    • Shelly-

      I moved from kindergarten to 6th grade and LOVE it!! I’m sorry I don’t have power points for all of the units because I don’t use the reading street program anymore. Reader’s workshop!! 🙂

  26. celine bundschuh

    I am most grateful for these helps especially since i teach a double grade.

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