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No excuse words

As I have said before, I think I am going to change SEVERAL things next year: one being my spelling instruction (or lack of). 🙂 I am “thinking” about using the nifty thrifty fifty words to teach roots and affixes, possibly words their way, and I also want to include high frequency words within this instruction. My 6th graders have a VERY DIFFICULT time spelling these words correctly within their writing.

So this next week I am going to “try out” the high frequency part-I am only going to assign 5 words for the entire week. If I did this next year beginning the 2nd 6 weeks we would cover 150 high frequency words. My plan for this week is (and I’m keeping it simple since we are right here at the end of school):

Monday-Students will copy each of the 5 words on an index card or cut up paper

Tuesday-Students will complete 2 word sorts-1 open and 1 closed. Then they will write the words in their notebook.

Wednesday-Students will work in groups to invent a quick sketch for 1 word to help them visualize the word within the picture. Then all groups will share their sketch with the rest of the class


We will see how it goes-I’ll post on it later this week! 🙂

Here is one link for a list of 100 high frequency words for students in the intermediate grades.